Warid Career Portal

Warid presents the Warid Career Portal, a service that not only empowers your mobile to aid you in your search for your dream job, but also brings you career-related support to help build and sustain your professional development.

Keeping in mind industry trends, Warid Career Portal has teamed up with the best local and international recruiting agencies to bring you career options that best suit your profile. The Portal is designed to be responsive to the demands of job seekers and aid them by matching them up with a host of opportunities they are unlikely to come across elsewhere. With the daily Job Alerts service, we give you an edge over your competition by keeping you updated about opportunities in the job market.

With added features such as a user-friendly job application platform, interesting career advice articles, CV-writing tips and more, the Warid Career Portal is a complete career support service like few others. We bridge the divide between job seekers and employers with the best resource the nation has to offer; human resource.